Organic VS – Non Organic Juicing

Picture 131If you are like me,  you are possibly wondering how you could truly benefit from juicing if you are not doing it organically. The truth is that your body can benefit from foods even if they are not organic, but these foods can seriously hurt your body also.
When we grow organic foods for eating or juicing, we are truly getting all of the benefits of that food. Consequently, the nutrition that our bodies are getting is 100% effective.

Why Non Organic Juicing Can Hurt Our Bodies!
I wish that I was a doctor to better explain this thing, but I am not. I do know that conventional farming and growing uses tons of chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to our bodies. This is usually done to ensure a successful and rapid growing season or crop. These harmful chemicals are used in the soil and often on the plants to ward off harmful leaf borne diseases and insects as well. When we as juicers purchase these foods and consume them, these deadly chemicals are introduced into our bodies, as a result we can become very ill. Certain types of cancers can be caused by toxic chemicals used for cultivating food.

Fresh Organic Juicing Is Better!!
Contrary to some people’s beliefs, there is a huge difference between organic and non organic juicing. For one thing, we do not have to worry about all of those potentially harmful chemicals when we eat or drink organic foods. Our bodies can then consume all of the nutrition that God intended for us, without the threat of becoming seriously ill.

Organic Foods May Be More Expensive.
If you have ever purchased a glass of fresh juice anywhere, you would know that whether it’s organic or not, it still is very expensive. As a long term juicer, you may consider getting your own juicer for making fresh juice daily. Organic foods may be more expensive, but if you do the math, you could save hundreds of dollars a month if you made your own fresh juice just twice daily. I promise that your initial investment for the juicer will be well worth it before the first month is through.

Try Organic Juicing First. If you could afford it, try organic juicing first. I understand that it is not always easy on the pocket, especially in these economically challenging times, but health should be your priority. Life is no fun if we are not healthy. If you have to do non organic, be sure to always thoroughly wash all of your fruits and vegetables before juicing..

Juicing Is Great, Love Is Even Better!!

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