Juicing For Prostate Health!

tomatoes-for-LycopeneAccording to the American Cancer Society, in 2010, prostate cancer ranked second in the overall cause of death among men. Though many men have survived this form of cancer, it is indeed a very serious illness. As a youth, I read somewhere that consuming red meats could also be one of the factors that results in poor prostate health.
For this very reason, 30 years ago, I became a vegetarian.

Poor Prostate Health In Your Family?
Coming from a long line of men with prostate problems, I did not want to take a chance with my body and health. Today at 48 years old, and according to my doctor, I can say that I have experienced very little change in my physical health. At one point two years ago, I experienced a little decrease in my urine flow. It was at that point that I did my research, consulted my doctor and began juicing.

I did not become serious about blending fresh juices until a year later, and only after realizing how much good even part time juicing had done for my health.

Committing To Juicing Can Change Your Health
Once I committed to juicing at least two times daily, everything changed for me. The benefits were very evident. The first changes I experienced, came only after one week or so. They were, the disappearance of pains and stiffness I was experiencing in my groin area for two years prior, and very restful sleep. Some others, such as increased energy, alertness, increased urine flow and nice skin tone, began to appear after about two weeks of juicing at least twice daily.

If you are experiencing some bad prostate health, or possibly come for a family of men that have a history of poor prostate health like I do, there is hope for you.

Check Your Doctor, Get On Juice
You first line of action is always to check with your doctor. You can begin juicing even before you do so though. Believe me, your body will immediately begin to suck up all of the goodness that eating and juicing fresh, raw and organic foods have to offer. I you cannot afford to buy organic foods but would like to juice anyway. Always make sure to wash your foods PROPERLY before juicing or eating them.

Juicing Foods For A Healthy Prostate
Believe it or not, some of the best foods that supports a healthy prostate can be found cheaply in our neighborhood grocery store. Consuming high quantities of them can truly protect your body from degenerative diseases such as cancer.
Here is a short list of some of these foods.
Pomegranate, broccoli, cabbage(red is better),lycopene rich foods such as tomatoes, pink grapefruit, watermelon and red peppers. Some doctors recommend eating at least one tomato product daily to assist in the prevention of not only prostate cancer, but cancers in general.

Juicing often makes it better to consume lots of nutrients all at once but any of the foods mentioned above can be eaten instead of juiced.

Eating Lycopene Rich Foods Year Round
Though some of these foods may be a bit more expensive when they are out of season, our bodies require certain amounts of them all year around. Making a commitment to juicing or eating these foods regularly, can positively impact our health and consequently the quality of our lives.

Juicing is Great, Love Is Even Better!

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